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  • Keeping in Touch with Members between Programs...

    Posted by Nicki / on 02/29/2016 / 1 Comment

    Hello, able, inspired leaders and colleagues,

       In our last meeting on Feb. 26th, I mentioned that I began a "President's Corner" to keep in touch with our members (here in St. Louis) between live programs.  I simply write a column or 'post' with for them to consider or think about together or on their own.  I put January's post on "Creating Masterminds" within the chapter on the download page.  I'll soon add February's post, "Happiness or Joy, Anyone?"; if I can add it here, I will.  Otherwise, it will be on the download page.  You are welcome to share these ..

  • Acknowledging chapter members in local media

    Posted by Christopher / on 03/07/2015 / 1 Comment

    This is the suggestion I shared at the MRAC breakfast today in Atlanta. It was suggested I post it here in case others may want to consider it for their chapter. 

    In Ohio Valley, we submit announcements each time a member earns a credential. Additionally we submit an annual announcement for our board of directors.

    The local daily newspapers in Louisville, Cincinnati, and Lexington and the business publications in each of these markets run these at no cost to the chapter.

    Members appreciate the acknowledgement, time commitment to submit the announcements is minimal, and the p.r. touch point raises awareness ..

  • Share the Wealth... example of what ICF Heartland is UP2!

    Posted by Todd / on 05/29/2013 / 1 Comment

    OK, I'm simply too excited to put into words...  The ICF Heartland Chapter has constructed an amazing day of "shining the light" on the profession of coaching with our 2013 KC Coaching Summit: Exceed Your Expectations!  This Summit was the idea of our Program Chair, Jane Alstatt.  She enthusiastically looked past the barriers and has truly been the catalyst to creating this event.  Our chapter recently invested in working with a VA, and here is evidence of the kind of work we're collaborating on...

    shorter version:

    BTW - this is the kind of 'spontaneous' sharing of what's working, ..

  • Conference Commitments

    Posted by Ben / on 02/19/2013 / 0 Comments

    Just to remind you all that as Conference Representative, I'll be asking each of you whether or not you'll be participating and supporting the conference this year.  If so, then that's wonderful.  We have certain requirements that we need to be upheld, but they're easy and require only a minimal amount of your time.


    Twice a month we will be sending out emails to you.  These will be marketing and announcements for the conference, with updated news, requests for help, and the latest information.  We ask that you please forward it to your coaching body through your chapter mailing ..

  • What would you like to see MRAC accomplish in 2013?

    Posted by Karen / on 01/18/2013 / 0 Comments

    Fellow Advisory Council Members,

    I would like to know from each one of you, the top 3 things you would like MRAC to accomplish in 2013. We will begin to build consensus around the primary objectives at our meeting next Friday.

    Please let us hear from you by Wednesday.


    Karen Hendrix



  • Listen to the March MRC Update call!

    Posted by Ben / on 03/16/2012 / 0 Comments

    It may already be stuff that you know, but there might be some information that you weren't aware of, letting you know just how much we've already created as a fantastic team.  And maybe you can share it with your fellow coaches so they know what you've been up to.


  • This is IT!!! 2012 is here. The rest is up to us.

    Posted by Ben / on 01/02/2012 / 0 Comments

    I thought that it would be good timing to not only wish you all a happy New Year, but to extend my gratitude and appreciation for all the work and creativity and commitment that you all have contributed so far to this exciting event.

    And what a perfect little time to give you all a bit of an update on what's been happening (shucks, why wait until the meeting on Friday... but you should still be there.)

    First off, we've gotten a few more amazing coaches joining the team. We're starting to make a move on building our Venders and exhibits ..

  • Great Stuff from Vegas - Leaders Forum

    Posted by Kathy / on 10/24/2011 / 1 Comment

    Hello All~

    I've just posted to our Groupsite a couple of fun photo's and three great presentation files from the Leaders Forum at the 2011 ICF Conference in Vegas.  I'll lead our discussion on the call this Friday about the Conference experience as it relates to our Midwest Regional Chapter Forum, and hopefully others who attended will share as well.  Check it all out when you have a chance.

    Enjoy!  Talk with you on Friday. 

    Sincerely, Kathy Igoe - PCAM

  • April 22 Call

    Posted by Karen / on 04/22/2011 / 0 Comments

    What an exciting call--the 2012 Regional Conference is a go--June is the month, dates to be firmed up soon. Collaboration and positive energy were fully present--even at 8 am! Surprise to have Don Whittle on the call--thanks for dropping in. I really liked Milt's suggestion to be on line together at the group site--I could connect the voices with a face!  


    Best from Karen, who is still waiting for spring here in Minnesota.

  • Yahooo! Mar 25 Call

    Posted by Kathy / on 03/25/2011 / 1 Comment

    Cool It is a pleasure to participate on these calls.  Thanks everyone for your showing-up so open, responsive, honest and enthusiastic!  Thanks to Milt for carrying the bright torch for our Forum, leading the way through the dark and shadows of uncertainty and the unknown into the sunshine of possibility!  Namaste All.  Kathy Igoe, 2011 PCAM President


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