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Just to remind you all that as Conference Representative, I'll be asking each of you whether or not you'll be participating and supporting the conference this year.  If so, then that's wonderful.  We have certain requirements that we need to be upheld, but they're easy and require only a minimal amount of your time.


Twice a month we will be sending out emails to you.  These will be marketing and announcements for the conference, with updated news, requests for help, and the latest information.  We ask that you please forward it to your coaching body through your chapter mailing list.

The conference is created entirely "of the coaches, by the coaches and for the coaches" which means that our entire committee is volunteer based.  We require all participating chapters to help fill the teams.  The amount of committee members you are responsible for is one for every 50 ICF members that are in your chapter.  So if you have 127 ICF members, then you need to provide at least 2 coaches on our teams.  All volunteers should be sent to Lisa Feitcher at

We also request that you continue to find new ways to help spread the word about the conference.  The bigger the conference, the greater the benefits that we all get to receive.


At the end of the conference, assuming we have generated profit, all fully participating chapters will receive a portion based on their attending coaches.  So if 400 coaches attend, and your chapter brought in 40 coaches, and we have a working profit of $4000 (after a portion is set aside for the following year's conference) then your chapter would receive a check for $1000.  Not bad, huh?  So the more coaches you bring to the event, the more you potentially can receive.

You will also get full acknowledgment and recognition at the event.  We are still one of the pioneering organization of chapters in North America, and this conference is breaking new ground.  Those chapters who have fully participated will be recognized for their contribution, creation, and risk they were willing to take on behalf of the greater coaching body and profession.

We hope that you'll be able to leverage this to help build your own leadership team for your own chapter.  Several committee members from last year's event went on to serve full board positions for their own chapter.

By spreading the word to your community, you'll also be reaching out to your skilled and powerful coaches in your own community, engaging them to perhaps submit for next year's conference, or this year's Fresh Start, or to become one of our sponsors.  By helping us grow, you're also helping your own coaches grow in their business and their profession.

And I'm sure there's more out there, too.

I would be remiss to say that there is no risk.  however, we have taken strong steps to minimize the risk.  Considering that we don't really ahve a way to cover a deficit, we are extending tremendous effort and consideration to make sure that we don't even get close.

Our speakers fees are low.
Our marketing fees are low.
We have a budget for food with some good wiggle room.
Our hotel fees are lower than last year.
We are continually revisiting our budget and expenses.
We are reaching out to create vibrant partnerships to keep costs down (i.e. our brand new $8000 custom designed website is free, in exchange for a vendor/sponsor table).
And we have a past history from last year of starting from scratch, with no money, and making a profit, which ALL FULLY PARTICIPATING CHAPTERS gained from.


We anticipate about 400 coaches will attend this year.  Even if it drops, a large portion of our expenses also drop.  But with your help spreading the word, we are all highly confident we can fill the event.
We already have exceeded our list of top of their game speakers for our Keynotes and Breakout sessions.
We haven't opened registration for our sponsors and already 1/4 of the slots have been filled.
With 12 chapters in the MRAC, there is simply no reason why we can't make this the biggest and most exciting coaching event this year and fill the hotel to capacity.

REMEMBER: WE ARE THE ONLY LARGE SCALE TWO AND A HALF DAY COACHING CONFERENCE IN ALL OF NORTH AMERICA in 2013.  There is no ICF conference at all this year.  Some international, some single day events by single chapters, but we are the biggest game in town.
That means that coaches need a place to get CCEUS (we offer something like 18-24)
Businesses need a place to share their product.
Speakers need a place to share their knowledge and wisdom.
And they're coming to Minneapolis June 20-22. 

We just need your help.  And I'll be asking for it on Friday's call.  
Thank you.

-ben dooley 


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