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Posted by Nicki / on 02/29/2016 / 1 Comment

Hello, able, inspired leaders and colleagues,

   In our last meeting on Feb. 26th, I mentioned that I began a "President's Corner" to keep in touch with our members (here in St. Louis) between live programs.  I simply write a column or 'post' with for them to consider or think about together or on their own.  I put January's post on "Creating Masterminds" within the chapter on the download page.  I'll soon add February's post, "Happiness or Joy, Anyone?"; if I can add it here, I will.  Otherwise, it will be on the download page.  You are welcome to share these writings with your chapters if it suits you.

  I'd love to know what you all are doing to keep the Membership fires burning between meetings.  Please post so we can all share from your rich experiences!  I truly value learning from other leaders in our group

Blessings to all,



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  • Christopher says:

    Hi Nicki, great question!

    Every other month (6 times per year) I email each member a Leader's Update. In it I announce: new members, credential earners, members who have published something or spoken at a conference, program updates, volunteer opportunities, etc. I write it in a very personal voice and tend to include a metaphor or story that is easily relatable. These are then posted on our chapter blog. This enables prospect members to get a sense of the chapter and it dramatically increases how our chapter website is scored by Google so that it appears much higher when people are searching for coaching in our geography. I get a lot of feedback from members regarding these updates. Additionally, our chapter maintains a "Coaches In the News" feed on our chapter website. This page enables us to post information as it happens. As community leaders, two big muscle groups are communication and acknowledgement: exercising both frequently increase member engagement.

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