This is IT!!! 2012 is here. The rest is up to us.

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I thought that it would be good timing to not only wish you all a happy New Year, but to extend my gratitude and appreciation for all the work and creativity and commitment that you all have contributed so far to this exciting event.

And what a perfect little time to give you all a bit of an update on what's been happening (shucks, why wait until the meeting on Friday... but you should still be there.)

First off, we've gotten a few more amazing coaches joining the team. We're starting to make a move on building our Venders and exhibits which will add another level of value and success to this unique conference.

Our Programming team has just about all their ducks in a row and is on the verge of reaching out and attracting and connecting to some amazing speakers and presenters.

Our website is almost complete.

Our financial arrangements are almost locked in.

And our teams are building and growing for this unprecedented event.

By the way, WHY do I keep saying things like "this is unprecedented" and "this unique event"? Simple. Because this is the first time EVER that ICF Chapters and states have colaborated on an event like this. Not only that, but we're going to do it starting from nothing.

We've already got an amazing space. A fantastic budgeting deal. And have started generating some great interest. We're going to have over 500 coaches at this event. I just know it. At least, that's the game I'm going to play. Are you with me?

And the way we're going to do it is by creating this event ourselves. You know, MAKE our success! Just like what we challenge and guide our clients towards. We can do this because there are amazing and powerful coaches out there in our greater community that are looking for a focus, a purpose, something that they can contribute and be a valued part of.

I need your help to find them.

Please let them know that I will be giving a free conference info call where we will reveal many of the exciting things we've already created for this event, and pull back the curtains on some of the fantastic things we're planning......... and how they can help.

Wednesday, January 4 7:00 pm CST/8:00 pm EST

Wednesday, January 11 2:00 pm CST/ 3:00 pm EST

Pick your favorite time and then call 712-432-0900 PIN: 131101#

We need YOU. And even more importantly, we WANT you.

Now is the time to get on board and help build this unprecedented event.

*(Don't forget, all volunteers will have access to an amazing conference discount rate, a savings of $150. It's pretty simple. You give a little, you get a little. Everyone wins.)

The only way this Conference will be the success that we dream it to be, is if EVERYONE helps. This is a small and easy way you can help. Tell all your coach friends to be on these calls. It just may be what they're looking for, and they may be just what we need.

TOGETHER, ALL OF US acting as a proud and creating community, we can truly have the conference that we desire.



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